Safety and Saving Money

I tend to be very thrifty with myself, but when it comes to my kids, I do tend to spend a little extra for the safety of my kids. When I was first married, I purchased all kinds of cleaning products for pratically free but after I had kids I was concerned with the safety of them and my kids getting a hold of them and drinking something. Being in EMS, I have had trainings about the dangers of such chemicals to kids. I decided it was worth my while to puchase cleaners that would be safer than some products even though they cost a little bit more. Again, I want to save as much as I can even if I have to spend more than normal. Watkins products seemed to fit that bill. Their cleaners are

Watkins Products Save You Time and Money

Two years ago, I joined a company called Watkins. My mom has used their products for over 14 years and my Grandmother told me story of how she used to buy stuff from the “Watkins Man”. After THOROUGHLY checking it out to see if it truly would save me money, I decided to give it a try. Prior to joining, someone had invited me to a Melaluca party with their all-natural products, but after coming home and doing some research and consulting with my husband, we decided that Melaluca wasn’t right for us. That’s when we checked out Watkins.

So, you’re probably wondering how this saves me money. First of all, it saves me time by not having to go to the grocery store and search the aisles for items that I could purchase from my own “store”. After intially joining ($39.95), I receive a 25% discount on all my purchases. I still have to pay shipping on all those items, so I try to see if any of my friends/relatives/customers need anything when I send in my order so I can split the shipping, driving my costs even lower. And because, they are purchasing the items at the cost in the catalog, I get to keep the 25% discount for myself to apply to my purchases. Watkins doesn’t use coupons, but they have monthly sales during which I stock up on the items I’ll use for the next couple months until the next sale. So, when it is all said and done, I get a large selection of my household items for the same price or cheaper from the grocery store with all of it getting shipped directly to my home. No loading of kids in the car, no screaming and begging for this or that at the grocery store…just shopping from my computer at my convience.

The other reason for my joining Watkins is that it could possibly be a small (or large) source of income if we ever got into a financial pinch. When I first joined, my Grandmother did a small favor for me and had a Watkins Good Tastings Party for me at her retirement community. For only 3 hours of work, I made over $300. Now, I wouldn’t want to do that all time and not all parties are that good, but it was a quick way to get some money. And on top of that, my Grandmother, because of her outstanding party, received over $150 in free Watkins products and then….WON a $100 gift certificate from Watkins Corporate for more products. Now that $300 that I made in one party, paid for ALL my household supplies (and a few gifts) for the entire year and SAVED me money.

Watkins might not make sense for everybody, but it sure makes sense for me. If your interested in learning more about Watkins, you can visit my web site:

Deli Meat

I don’t know if you use deli meat, but I refuse to pay $5.00+ a pound for deli lunch meat. I found that if you purchase your meat raw and cook it how you like it, you can slice it yourself. I had gone to a bag sale with my husband and he spotted a 70′s meat slicer. It was a “lovely” yellow color, but it was in good condition. I started to use it and found that it has added a new dimension to my lunches. When you’re pregnant your not supposed to each lunch meat since there is a certain bacteria that tends to grow on lunch meats because most suppermarkets don’t clean their slicers well enough. So, I rarely purchase lunch meat but miss them a lot. But by slicing the meat my self, I can make my own deli meat. This week, Hannaford had a sale on a bottom round roast for $1.98 a pound. I cooked it up and sliced it and can freeze some and save the rest for sandwiches this week. Roast beef is usually $6.99 a pound so I saved almost $4.00 a pound.

Now, I found this great recipe for making roast beef like the deli does. Here it is:

Awesome Deli Roast Beef
Top or Bottom round roast (not too fatty)
Seasonings to taste (I like Watkins 6 Onion Soup Base)

Bring roast to room tempature by leaving it out of the refrig. for about 1/2-1 hour. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 500F. When at room tempature, season to taste and place in a shallow baking dish. Turn oven down to 475F and put roast in oven for 5 minutes per pound for medium rare, 8 minutes per pound for medium. *Note: This may smoke due to the extreme heat of the oven, but I haven’t ever had a problem with a fire or anything like that. After the you cooked it for the amount of time per pound, turn the oven off but DON’T open the oven for 2-3 hours. This is important because the heat will continue to cook it. I know it is tempting to peak, but don’t…you’ll ruin your roast.

This roast will be red and cooked on the inside but oh so tender. I made this last night and it made a wonderful roastbeef sandwich. My husband prefers his meat to be well done, so I made a hot roast beef sandwich for him and put it under the broiler for 5 minutes and that cooked the beef to well done. If you try this recipe, please post your comments and let me know how you like it.