A Note From Hubby

I am not much of a computer person. Other than selling on Ebay, I am happier if I never see a computer. I was not too interested in doing a blog at first, but here is what made me change my mind. . . . I never thought of my family as being too unusual in how we use our money. We live on very little and we do what we need to do in order to get by and we still have plenty left to give to others. I thought this was fairly common. But then, several people told me that it was not so common and we could do a service to others if we could get the information out. I then decided that if we could use this information as a Christian ministry, a blog may be the best way to do this. If we can give out some information that will save people some money: that is fine. If we can put out some interesting, entertaining, and humorous information: that is fine. If we can help a mother to be able to stay at home with her young children: that is better. If we can help Christains uphold their God given duty to provide for their families and help those who are in need: that is the reason we are doing this blog. If we can use this to lead non-Christians to Christ: that is also why we are doing this blog.

Ephesians 4:28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

We will see where this blog leads us in the future. One thing we hope to do is figure out how to do questions and answers. that could liven up this blog a little more than it already is. We hope this blog will be a benefit to you.

Everything has a value

One thing my husband and I have found is that many, many people will say to us, “You sold what? That can’t be valuable”. My Ebay store is full of things that people think are just not valuable, but the truth is, almost everything has a price…you just need to be willing to find the right outlet to make the money. Take for example a broken routisserie…most people would throw it out. However, on Ebay if you were to sell the OK parts, you could make $100′s on just a broken routisserie. My husband went to a free sale a couple of weeks ago and this lady was giving away everything that she wasn’t able to sell at her garage sale. Well, as my husband is digging through everything, he comes across these VERY UGLY plastic vintage floral arrangement with a plastic bird on it with a globe to keep the dust out. My husband saw it and laughed at how ugly it was and immediately thought, “How could I use this to make money?”. He came up with the thought that the dome was just like the glass dome on an anniversary clock and so he brought home this ugly thing. My response was, “How are we going to sell that?”, but after my husband told me his idea, I was sold. A few weeks later, I finally got around to listing on Ebay the dome. Within a couple days of listing the dome, it sold for around $10. My rule of thumb is, NEVER EVER EVER throw anything away until you are 99% sure that it can’t be sold for a decent profit. Even if you say, “That’s not worth anything”, 9 times out of 10 it is worth something. Maybe just one item won’t make you rich, but it’s still something.


Have you ever heard of Freecycle? My sister-in-law told me about it some years ago and it has provided quite a few household items for me. Freecycle’s mission is to keep perfectly good items out of the landfills. There are hundreds of Freecycle communities across the US and you can join as many as your want. How it works, is if you have something to get rid of, you post it as an “offer”. Other people do the same thing and if there is something of interest there, you respond back to the offer and tell them that you would be interested in picking up the item. Freecycle is also a great outlet if you are looking to find something used for free. Three years ago, I became interested in pressure canning. I didn’t have a pressure canner and when I looked online for prices, I found out that they were quite expensive and that I would have to do a LOT of canning to even justify purchasing a new canner. I went to Freecycle and posted a “Wanted” ad, and asked if there was anyone out there that might be looking to get rid of their pressure canner. Within a day, I had an older lady willing to give me her canner since she was done with it. She was even so nice as to drop it off at my husbands shop on the way to work. Sure, the canner was 40+ years old, but it still work just fine and I have canned MANY, MANY jars of food these past 3 years and saved lots of money. On a side note, you can take pressure canners to your local cooperative extension office and they usually can test them for free to make sure that the guage is still accurate and that the seal is good. My husband and I also found it a great way to get rid of the items that we just don’t want but didn’t know what to do with. It’s just one more way to bless others with items that they them selves might have not been able to purchase.