Never Pay Full Price Again!

When my husband and I were first married 7 years ago, we didn’t have the luxury of DSL or cable internet, we just had dial-up. And along with dial-up came the lack of ability to find sales and deals on just about anything through the internet. But when we finally upgraded to DSL, I discovered a whole new world of sales and bargains and ways to live even better on a small income. Now, you are probably wondering how we managed to get a good sale on DSL. Honestly, we don’t pay for it…it was a Christmas gift from my brother that he renews every year for us. So, I don’t know how much DSL costs. I would presume Verizon and other major carriers probably have sales on purchasing DSL, but that is out of my realm currently. Back to internet sales, the internet opens up a new world of buying things at lower prices but it also can cause your to spend MORE. When there is something that I want to purchase, first I find out what the normal retail price is selling for. Then I search some of the more popular web sites to see if they carrier what I’m looking for. After I have a general idea of who carries what and for how much, I start looking for coupons. I love using for this service. For example, if I’m looking for a homeschool book from Great Christian Books, I would search Google for, “CBD coupon code”. This time of year you may find money off coupons like “10% off your purchase of $35 or more” plus you might also get free shipping on your entire order. But generally, CBD’s prices are already really low so you can’t get much of a further discount other than maybe free shipping. Two weeks ago, I received an email from JC Penneys saying they would give me free shipping on any size order. The thought of being able to purchase what I needed for gifts without leaving home and wasting gas was very appealing so I decided to check out some of their sales. I went straight for their “Clearance” section and found a nice St John’s Bay sweater for $7.99 which normally retails for $29.99. I really liked the sweater but thought I would check for a money off coupon on Google. I found a further coupon on Google for $10 off $50. Now that sounds like a good deal IF I need to spend $50 but if I spend an extra $40 to save $10, that’s not a good deal. I browsed some more sales and found some curtains that I liked and have been looking for for $16.99, retail $79.99 each. These were the long window scarves which have about 3-5 yards of fabrice to them. When I do the math, that works out to be approx $5.50 a yard for high quality fabric. I can’t beat the price at any fabric store, so I purchased 3 scarves figuring if I didn’t like them, I could always use the fabric to make curtains I like. So when it was all said and done, I ended up getting the sweater to the tune of $6.00 and free shipping. I rarely ever pay full price for something. Almost always, someone will have a sale and you can get what you are looking for cheaper. It pays to do the research.

Post-Thanksgiving Sales

I went shopping a week after Thanksgiving and was pleasantly surprised at all the very good sales. All summer, I had had my eye on a large square roasting pan, but they were out of my price range for a basic pan ($20-$50). Stores purchase a surplus of these pans for the holidays, primarily for Thanksgiving. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a very large surplus AFTER Thanksgiving and had marked them down to $19.99. They also had a limited time rebate of $10.00 bring the cost down to $9.99. I also had a $5.00 off coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond which brought down the price to $4.99 + tax. I was very pleased with the deal and LOVE my pan.

Using Store Coupons

This week at Price Chopper, they had a special with a “store coupon” only, buy 3 boxes of Chex cereal for $5.00. That works out to be about $1.66 a box, which isn’t that bad of a price. First, I thought about how good the value was for $1.66 and then I thought, will my children be eating these for breakfast or will I be making something with these. You may wonder why I would think that, but the actual “feeling full factor” is less for a box of Chex than a box of Raisin Bran or Cheerios. And how that full feeling factor works, is if my kids are still hungry after the serving size of Chex, but not hungry after eating Cheerios or Raisin Bran serving size, they are more likely to eat more Chex than other cereal per meal thus costing more per breakfast than other cereals. After thinking about those factors, I checked to see if I had any coupons. I did have several coupons for $1.00 of 3 but the store coupon said “Limit 1 per customer” so I could only purchase 3 boxes at this visit. That brought down the price to 3 for $4.00 or $1.33 a box. My general rule for purchasing cereal is anything under $1.50 for a good size box of cereal is a good deal. I purchased the cereal and only paid $4 for 3 boxes when normally you would pay $12 for 3 boxes. Today was a good shopping day!