Grocery Bargains during the Holiday Season

Many people think that you spend MUCH more on your groceries during November and December, but you can actually save and stock up this time of year. Most of your baking needs are on sale during November and December. This is the time to stock up on those items. Check your Sunday newspaper for coupon inserts and most likely you will find coupons on those already sale items, for even lower prices. Last week, K-mart had a advertisement that they would double up to 75 manufactor coupons up to $2.00. Most of the time, K-marts prices are way more expensive than the sale prices at Price Chopper or Hannaford. However, they did have some limited sales and after sorting through all my coupons. I had a large stack to take to K-mart and to start price checking. K-mart certainly didn’t have the greatest selection, but they have most name brand products. I had a coupon for $1 off the purchase of one Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting. The coupon was doubled and K-mart had a sale on the purchase of both the cake mix and frosting. When it was said and done, I got both items for $.19!

Watch those sales everyweek and use them to your advantage to save money and share your abundance!!!