Large Family Grocery Shopping *Embarrassing* Sugar Haul 79% Savings

I decided to quick swing by Price Chopper this morning to pick up a this weeks Shop Rite deals.  Whenever I stop at Price Chopper, I always take a quick tour of the store and the discount sections, checking for some great markdown deals.  Much to my surprise, I found an amazing deal on Nestle’s Toll House morsels.  Last night, they were marked 2 for $4, but this morning they marked them down to $.20 a bag!!! WOW!!! That is amazing price for them.  I don’t care that they are orange and black for Halloween. They are still chocolate chips that can be used.  I will freeze most of them and my stash should last for a good year or two.

The rest of the deals were due to the Shop Rite coupons stacked with some manufacture coupons.  I rarely purchase so much sugary, processed goods, but I suspect that these will last us for quite a while!!!

If I hadn’t purchased the two loaves of bread and the celery, the percentage saved would be closer to 90%!!!

The amount paid was $20.48
Total Savings was $73.11 ($65.12 in Advantage savings, $7.99 Coupon savings)