Book Review: No Place To Hide by W. Lee Warren, M.D.

Have you ever wondered what was really going on in Iraq in 2004?  No Place To Hide by W. Lee Warren is an autobiography telling that very story. The story of what the war was like in Iraq in 2004.

Dr. Warren was deployed to the 332nd Air Force Theater Hospital at Joint Base Balad, Iraq in the winter of 2004.  But nothing could prepare him for what he would experience or what his life would be like for the next 120 days. There was constant mortar attacks, harsh environmental condition, life and death decisions, violence, death, equipment shortages. The chances of being exposed to those things here in the United States in a life time are slim, but these were the very things that faced Dr. Warren on a daily basis.

Dr. Warren was a brain surgeon. His job was to try to put those injured soldiers back together before sending them home.  But American’s were not his only patients. He had Iraqi soldiers, Iraqi civilians injured in the cross fire or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and terrorists. He was a surgeon. He did not get to choose who he want to work on and when. His job was put back together no matter who it was. As a result of this stress, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) slowly developed years after returning home.

It took me a few chapters to get into the book and understand what was happening. Once I got into it though, I could not put it down.  Reading about what happened over Iraq was eye opening and gave me a greater incite and understanding to what those who go overseas to war experience.  I have friends and family that have been overseas and knowing what they may have experienced has helped me to understand them better.

I found No Place To Hide a well-written autobiography and would recommend this book to older teens and adults.  There are some verbal graphic parts in the book but it necessary for you to gain a fuller understanding.

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Freezer Cooking For 30 Days – My Experience

Freezer Clean-out Week 4

For whatever reason, meal prep has been very they stressful and challenging.  I don’t know if it is because the kids are getting older and they are eating more, or if I just can’t get my act together. Maybe it is a little bit of both.  Whatever the reason, meals have been a real struggle lately.

Last week when I visited our library, I went to my favorite section, cookbooks! As I was browsing, I found a book that I had looked into several years ago. It was called “Frozen Assets” by Deborah Taylor-Hough. I borrowed it and looked it over. Art and I talked about it and yesterday, I finally took the plunge and bought all the ingredients to make 30 meals.

I loaded up all the kids, making sure that everyone had used the potty before we left, armed with my Ergobaby, hand sanitizer, coupons and shopping list.  Price Chopper was my first stop and I picked up about three-quarters of my list there but there were some items that I just could NOT justify buying because I knew that I could get it much cheaper at another store. Other than tripping over the boys and having to remind them that they can not go three wide down the aisle when other shoppers are trying to go down the aisle too, the trip was fairly uneventful.

After successfully extricating myself, the groceries and my kids from Price Chopper, I had an errand to run that happened to be less than a mile from a Walmart Grocery. I rarely shop at Walmart but I decided since I was so close I might as well stop by and check the prices.  I ended up getting almost everything else at Walmart except the mozzarella cheese. Cheese was $4.25lb at Walmart and I can get a 5lb bag on my restaurant supply store for $2.50 a lb.  That is a BIG difference.

I got everything together when I got home and immediately started to boil my chickens and make my pasta sauce.  I was on call at 6pm so I only had time to put together my two pans of lasagna before I had to leave the house.  When I got back home, it was almost 10pm. Art kindly helped me to take the meat off of the chicken bones.

This morning, I woke up and immediately jumped right into more prep and assembling the meals. I had Charity help me with the meat mixture while I finished up making the ziti.  By noon, I was pooped, clueless on what I was going to serve for lunch and I still had all the chicken and ham dishes to prepare.  After lunch and rest time in the afternoon, I managed to get another three meals put in the freezer before it was time for dinner. As for what is left, I still have one chicken dish and two ham dishes to make.

My take away of prepping for 30 freezer meals…it is a LOT of work! You really could benefit from a team of people all working with you at once to make the prep go faster. Tomorrow will be the third day of this and I’m ready for it to be over! I’m not sure if I will try this again. I suppose it will depend on how much I enjoy having all of my dinners prepared for me. Maybe there is a learning curve to freezer cooking that makes things go quicker. Honestly, I don’t know, but I do know that I wouldn’t know how well it worked (or didn’t) until I at least tried it once!

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