A Day in the Life of A Large, Homeschooling Family

Here is what my “ordinary” day looks like as a home schooling mom of five.  It is slightly humorous but very much a real portrait of my day.


  • 7:30am Wake up to arguing, screaming and crying
  • Untangle the fighting mess
  • Hit the shower, hear more crying
  • Get dressed head to toe, forgoing the makeup for the time being
  • Change and feed the baby
  • Change the (usually) wet toddler, give her a bath, then get her dressed
  • Attempt to make my bed before anything goes too wrong
  • Make breakfast
  • Get everyone fed, and hopefully cleaned up before 9am
  • Put the baby down for her morning nap
  • Start school with the older kids while occupying the younger ones
  • Repeatedly tell the kids to focus on their school work
  • Take the toddler potty when she comes up to you and says “POTTY BAD!”
  • Read out loud the history lesson
  • Phone rings
  • Toddler comes running to you saying “POTTY BAD!”
  • It’s 11am, like clock work, the baby wakes up.
  • Feed the baby while having the toddler play on the floor next to me
  • Look at the clock…hubby is home in 30 minutes and I have no clue what I’m serving for lunch
  • Put the baby in the spinning seat
  • Have the toddler help prepare lunch
  • Phew! Made it! It’s noon and hubby comes home for lunch
  • Sit down for lunch, pray and the toddler says “POTTY BAD!”
  • Just sit down again and the phone rings
  • Then the doorbell rings
  • I sit back down to finish my lunch when the baby is inconsolable.
  • Nurse the baby and get her down for her afternoon nap
  • Hubby helps put the toddler down for her nap
  • Older children are instructed to play and study quietly. Don’t answer the phone or the door.
  • I sit down to the computer to check my email
  • Start to fall asleep when the phone rings
  • It is almost 3pm and the baby gets up from her nap
  • The house looks like a bomb has gone off
  • Hubby comes home in 30 minutes and the kids and I attempt to pick up beore he comes home
  • Hubby comes home and it is time to pack and ship Ebay sales
  • Run around like crazy people trying to make it to the post office before 5pm
  • 5pm and dinner is no where in site
  • Search the refrigerator for left overs
  • Hope for the best
  • Kids getting loud and rammy
  • Baby getting fussy and toddler hollars “POTTY BAD!”
  • Hubby is trying to help reheat leftovers (his famous 20 course meal!)
  • 6pm dinner served. Not gorgeous by it’s food.
  • Just sit down to eat and it’s “POTTY BAD!” once again
  • 6:30pm and the baby has lost it
  • I disappear upstairs to change and nurse her
  • 7:30pm The baby is in bed
  • Time for family devotions
  • Wake up to the room dark and realize that I fell asleep in the chair while hubby was doing devotions. Oops!
  • 9pm Find hubby playing chess with my oldest son while the rest of the kids are cranky and losing it
  • Attempt to corral the kids and get their PJ’s on and brush the teeth
  • 9:30pm Everyone is finally in bed
  • 9:35pm Hear pitter patter of steps…”POTTY BAD!”
  • Finally collapse onto the couch
  • Take a few minutes to check emails
  • Get ready for bed when the baby wakes up to nurse
  • Nurse the baby and finally crash into bed at 11:30pm
  • 1am and wake up to finding someone is sick.
  • Up all night, tending to the sick

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Hi everyone! If you have subscribed to my old YouTube channel, you know that it was just a mixed bag of things ranging from my husband’s musical instrument repairs, to Ebay demonstrations.

I decided that I would focus everything from this blog into it’s own YouTube channel. You can find it here.

If you click on “Playlist”…

You tube Art…you will see that I have taken my videos from my other channel and added them to my YouTube Parsnips and Parsimony playlists.  That way you can find all of your favorite videos here instead of bouncing from channel to channel.

Please subscribe to my new channel to stay on top of all the latest happens in the garden and the kitchen.

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I will be continually adding more videos throughout the next couple of months.  If there is anything that you would like to see, please leave a comment below. As always, thanks for watching and reading.


PreMama Prenatal Thru Post-Partum Vitamin Product Review

Premama essentials box Premama plus box










Do you hate your prenatal vitamins because they are hard to swallow? Premama prenatal supplement mix vitamins may be right for you. These taste-free vitamins stick are to be added to any soft food or cold, non-carbonated beverage. I received a package to try and to review.  I am very sensitive to tastes and smells so I was very curious if these would really live up to their expectations.

 Here is my video review:

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider using Premama Essentials:

⦁ Premama® Essentials delivers important prenatal vitamins and minerals in a flavorless drink mix.

⦁ Unique powder delivery method eliminates difficulty of taking hard-to-swallow prenatal vitamin pills, and is better absorbed into bloodstream

⦁ Convenient, single-dose packets make it easy to take Premama any time and anywhere.

⦁ Each on-the-go packet contains a daily serving of recommended prenatal vitamins to mix in favorite cold, flavored, non-carbonated beverages and smoothies, even oatmeal.

⦁ Doctor-recommended Essentials includes key vitamins for optimal prenatal health, including Vitamin B6, Ferrochel® Gentle Iron® and Quatrefolic® folate.

⦁ Essentials contains all-natural ingredients, is 100% vegetarian, and Non-GMO with no artificial coloring or additives.

⦁ Premama Essentials is available at specialty stores and major retailers including Amazon.com, select Whole Foods Markets.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own. I may have received compensation for this review.
This post may contain affiliate links.  Thank for you supporting this webpage.  I hope that you have been blessed! Thank you!